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A Financial RevolutionWhat is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that brought its underlying blockchain technology to the world. The reason that we and so many others think it is so remarkable is that this digital money is not controlled by any central authority that can fail or be banned from taking part in the global money remittance network. The Bitcoin network is completely decentralized and the currency is produced by a community that anyone can freely join.

Because Bitcoin is produced and held digitally, it can be transferred almost freely and instantly, no matter the transaction amount. Bitcoins are created by miners that us open source software to solve mathematical problems. There will only be 21 millions Bitcoins that can ever be mined and thus it is a deflationary good unlike money produced by central banks in arbitrary amounts.

Right now, almost 18 million units are created. One Bitcoin can be divided into 10 million pieces.

Bitcoin is called sometimes the first cryptocurrency, but more correctly would be described as the first decentralized digital currency.

The blockchain is a public ledger that records bitcoin transactions.

The backbone of the networkWhat is Mining?

The act of mining creates Bitcoin and many other digital currencies. The members of the network provide their computational power for calculating mathematical problems, and for this effort they are rewarded with currency units. In the Bitcoin network, there is a daily global reward of 1,800 Bitcoins distributed to the miners.

However, the more people that are mining, the more competitive it gets. Computers are good at solving equations, so the networks create more difficult problems by the minute. There are already numerous types of specialised hardware on the market that have been designed specifically for digital currency mining.

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